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What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

Some big guns in the consumer services field are MacDonald’s, Walmart, Pfizer, etc. These companies cater to the needs and manage the demands of their consumers in diversified industries.

As of 2021, there were thousands of consumer companies operating worldwide, spanning various industries such as retail, hospitality, food services, healthcare, and more. The total revenue generated by all these consumer companies combined would be in the trillions of dollars.

We’ve yet compiled a list of the top 10 companies that are in the consumer services field based on sample data, showcasing their influence and drastic impact on the market.

What companies are in the consumer services field as of 2023?

There are more than 455,000 consumer services providers just in the U.S. These companies are sought to deliver the best services for years and made the name in our top 10 list of consumer service companies. Let’s explore these brands, their services, job offerings, and revenue.

Top 10 Companies That Are In Consumer Services Field

1. Walmart:


Walmart has been one of the world’s best and biggest names in the multinational retail corporation list. The first headquarter of Walmart is in Arkansas of U.S. Occupying a list of almost 2,300,000 employees worldwide more than 1 million employees are just in the U.S. Featuring it’s more than 10,000 franchise in 24 various countries, made Walmart has a significant impact on eCommerce stores offering consumer products.

Job Offerings:

  • Customer Service Associate
  • Call Centre Supervisor
  • Retail Sales Associate
  • Store Manager
  • eCommerce Specialist

Revenue (Year ending October 31, 2022): $572.75 billion

2. Bank of America:

What companies are in the consumer services field

The 2nd big gun in the list of “What companies are in the consumer services field” as of 2023″ is the prestigious financial institution of America. Employees with More than 205,000 in quantity are just in U.S. BOA offers a range of consumer services. Banking, Asset Management, Risk Management, and investing are some of them.

Job Offerings:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Financial Advisor
  • Relationship Manager
  • Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Personal Banker

Revenue: 94.95 billion USD

3. McDonald’s:


Here comes the name for all the Foodies out there, McDonald’s is not a thing unknown to anybody. But did you know? It has more than 40 thousand stores in almost 81 countries. Serving over 70 million customers daily makes McDonald’s is one of the biggest names in this list providing consumer services.

Job Offerings:

  • Crew Member
  • Shift Manager
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Guest Experience Leader
  • Franchise Business Consultant

Revenue (Q3 2022): $5.87 billion

4. Pfizer:


Let’s dive into a more diversified field which is the pharmaceutical industry and a renowned name in this list is Pfizer. More than 80,000 employees work in Pfizer and it ensures an inclusive work environment.

Job Offerings:

  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Medical Information Specialist
  • Patient Access Coordinator
  • Field Sales Representative
  • Clinical Research Associate

Revenue (Estimated for 2022): Over $100 billion

5. Fiverr:

name of Fiverr

Are you a freelancer or not, it doesn’t matter because you probably have heard the name of Fiverr. A global marketplace for online workers and it generates a revenue of more than $ 83 million. There are 500 different categories on Fiverr to sell digital services out there.

Job Offerings:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Project Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Graphic Designer

Revenue (Q3 2022): $82.5 million



Amazon has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Currently, the company’s workforce size is 1,608,000 employees. It is a company that has a large consumer base. And there are a lot of jobs in consumer services at Amazon.

Job Offerings:

  • Customer Service Associate
  • Senior Customer Support Manager
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Customer Relations Coordinator

Revenue (Q3 2022): $127.10 billion



Uber is a multi-billion company with a diversified group of consumers in many countries. In addition to transport services, Uber has also featured Uber Eats so to deliver food. It’s amazing that Uber consumer services made over 8.34 billion USD by 2022.

Job Offerings:

  • Client Success Manager
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Rider Support Associate
  • Customer Experience Coordinator
  • Driver Operations Manager

Revenue (Q3 2022): $8.34 billion


Dallas is the hometown of AT&T

A global big gun in the telecom industry, AT&T has been providing wire and wireless services for years now. The company has over 30 billion $ in revenue and over 200,000 employees. Dallas is the hometown of AT&T.

Job Offerings:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Relations Manager
  • Client Support Specialist
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Sales Support Coordinator

Revenue (Q3 2022): $30.04 billion



The first name in your mind when you need the best coffee in town will be Starbucks. Breaking the ground in the field of handcrafted coffee, Starbucks got famous in many countries. Seattle, Washington is the main base for this coffee shop.

Job Offerings:

  • Barista
  • Store Manager
  • Customer Experience Strategy Manager
  • Coffee Specialist
  • Guest Service Associate

Revenue (Q3 2022): $7.46 billion

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.:

Hilton Worldwide Holdings

Occupying more than 170,000 employees, Hilton has been one of the most occupied consumer companies in the world. Hilton offers a diversified workforce to manage the company’s consumer services.

Job Offerings:

  • Guest Service Agent
  • Hotel Manager
  • Customer Experience Specialist
  • Hospitality Associate
  • Sales Support Coordinator

Revenue (Q3 2022): $2.41 billion

Queries Related Companies in Consumer Services:

What companies are in the consumer services field in California?

Here is the list of some consumer services companies based in California: Apple Inc., The Walt Disney Company, Gap Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., Williams-Sonoma, Inc., Airbnb Inc., Uber Technologies Inc., Lyft Inc., Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated, Netflix Inc., Activision Blizzard Inc., Electronic Arts Inc., Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Universal Pictures, The Coca-Cola Company, The J.M. Smucker Company, Clorox Company, The Hershey Company, Constellation Brands Inc., The Procter & Gamble Company, Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Herbalife Nutrition Ltd., Beachbody LLC, Amazon.com Inc., eBay Inc., Etsy Inc., Square Inc., GoPro Inc., Tesla Inc., Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Company.

What is the total number of employees across all the listed companies?

The total number of employees across all the listed companies is approximately 5,405,000.

Which company has the highest revenue for the year 2022?

Pfizer has the highest estimated revenue for the year 2022, crossing the $100 billion mark.

Among the listed companies, which one has the largest global presence?

Amazon has the largest global presence among the listed companies, with a diverse range of services and a large consumer base.

Which company provides opportunities for remote work in the consumer services field?

Fiverr provides opportunities for remote work in the consumer services field, as it connects freelancers with businesses for digital services, which can be done remotely.

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This list of “What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?” has a diversified group of brands that are emerged over the globe for years. Walmart, BOA, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Fiverr, Amazon, Uber, AT&T, Starbucks, and Hilton are just a few big guns that have an impact on a global scale.

Professionals from these companies ensure that your interest meets the quality of consumer service whether it’s retail, finance, transportation, or another industry. These brands can also be inspiration to your new business and to find the tactics to start your brand today, you can explore businesspsycho.

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