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Read This Before Buying Mens Essentials Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 40.2mm

mens essentials stainless steel bracelet watch 40.2mm

The watch is an important accessory in men’s grooming. What if you wear a mens essentials stainless steel bracelet watch 40.2mm? Your personality will look better and your respect level will increase like Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas. 

Jokes apart, here in this article, we are going to give you an introduction to this stainless steel bracelet watch 40.2mm and let you know about the specifications of this watch, and finally where to buy this watch. 

Mens essentials stainless steel bracelet watch 40.2mm:

The watch belongs to the essential collection by Seiko. The watch is perfect for everyday wear and also to wear at special events. The watch comes in various prices depending on the specifications, quality, and color. 

There are many resellers of this watch that can give you the same watch that you are looking but the price will be higher than the original because they want to make a profit. 

The watch has a Two-tone stainless steel case and strap with a Sapphire crystal on the face.

If you are thinking of buying this watch then first, read this guide to know all the specifications na pros and cons of buying this watch. 

Make sure to get your hands off fake dealers and sellers when dealing with watches. 


Well, the most important thing to know before buying a particular watch is its specifications.

One of the biggest benefits of buying this watch is that it is slim. It will fit in your hand if you are smart giving a decent look. 

This watch mostly comes in silver and gold colors with grey 

The original brand is Seiko. The watch is in a Round shape. The watch is slim and you will feel like you have worn a bracelet in your hand with a three-hand quartz moment. 

The case is made of 40.2mm stainless steel. 

The band size is Men’s standard. A 100mm water Resistance feature is available in this watch. The case diameter is 40.2 millimeters and the case thickness is 8.36 millimeters. The dial color is black with an analog display. You can also see Month and the date within the Window. 

The warranty of products is also available on the official site of Seiko. If you buy this watch from Amazon or another seller, you will have to get details of the warranty from the seller or you have to visit the official website. 

If you buy this watch from another website, you will also see interest-free payment options which is a good option but the issue is that the price is high. 

Buyers’ Reviews:

Although the specifications are given in the upper section, it is important to read people’s reviews and ratings about the product to get a better understanding of the product. 

I have visited many websites but the most authentic reviews I found were on Amazon. The price is also cheaper than other websites and the reviews are also authentic. 

The average rating on Amazone for men’s essentials stainless steel bracelet watch 40.2mm is 4.6 out of 5. 

The total global ratings are 153. The seller rank is #3,212 in Men’s Wrist Watches. 

Most of the reviews from people were positive with 5 starts. Some people also pointed issues and downs of this watch. Some were authentic issues and some are just their own interest. 

One buyer gives the review:

“the battery was already engaged and the watch was probably ticking before I even opened the package”

“Probably the watch was second hand” said by Leon. 

While most of the people provided positive reviews and appreciated the look, slimness, and stainless steel of the watch. 


Mens essentials stainless steel bracelet watch 40.2mm is worth buying if you buy this watch from Amazon or from the official website of Seiko. You will be provided with the warranty details. 

It is important to note that the original price of this watch is under $150. So, make sure to not get scammed by fake sellers or get into the hands of resellers.

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