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What is Newsweek Wordle Hint Today

newsweek wordle hint today

Newsweek is a website where you can read the latest news about various interesting, political, and technical topics. It’s a platform like your website where you can find information about various topics in different categories like Tech, Entertainment, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Culture, etc. 

So, what is newsweek wordle hint today? Newsweek announces Wordle hints each day because each day, the Wordle puzzle gets changed. 

Do, you have many questions like what is Newsweek, what is wordle and what exactly is the daily hint about wordle from Newsweek then you are at the right place. 

We have covered all the necessary details about the topic and you will find Today’s wordle puzzle hint which is provided in Newsweek. 

Today is Wednesday 17 August 2023 and the Wordle hint given by Newsweek is provided within the article. So, without wasting your time Let’s get started. 


Newsweek is a platform where you can read various articles, blogs, and news about the latest and trending topics all around the world. You can find information and tips and tricks about various topics in different niches. Usually, they write in all general categories. 

Besides these things, their daily routine is to write hints and clues about Wordle puzzles. That’s why they daily write or update content about today’s Wordle hint.

Many people search for hints in Newsweek but if you don’t find the clue or right answer then you will find it in this article:

What is Wordle:

If you know about this puzzle then you can skip to the next heading. Wordle is an online website where there is a puzzle in which you have to guess the name of something random. It could be an object, human, animal, or anything like that. 

You will have 6 tries to find a 5-digit name. But don’t worry. The game provides you with a facility to guess closely. 

If you write a word in which one or more than one word is used then these words be highlighted. 

  • If an alphabet is highlighted as yellow then it means the word comes in the puzzle but in the wrong place. 
  • If an alphabet is highlighted as green then it means that the alphabet comes in the exact position.
  • If the alphabet is colored grey then it means your guess is completely wrong.

Now, let’s move on newsweek wordle hint today.

Newsweek Wordle Hint today:

Today hint is given in some statements which will help you to figure out what exactly the word could be. 

These statements are:

  1. The word includes a vowel.
  2. The word includes two same letters.
  3. The word starts with A.
  4. The word Ends with S.
  5. The word is not common.

These are some hints which will help you to find out what exactly the puzzle is for 17 August. 


newsweek wordle hint today is a good option for you if you are confused with today’s wordle puzzle. Always remember, if you view the answer first and then play the game then you will lose your interest in the game. The game is only exciting if you play it on your own. 

You don’t need help with Wordle because it is an easy game. Just got green or yellow color words and then guess what the word could be. 

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