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30% Commission on Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program? Here’s the Shocking Truth

Commission with the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program

Have ever wondered if you could earn big by promoting Louis Vuitton products? Many sites out there might promise you to earn through the LV affiliate plan but in actuality is this going to work? Let’s dive deeper and learn more about how affiliate programs work.

How do Affiliate Programs Work?

Many top brands have their affiliate programs some are working on individual sites while some are using the marketplace. These are referral links which are provided by stores and the earnings are shown on the user’s login dashboard. But beware, many out there using these links as a way to exploit privacy and steal personal data.

So how to check if the affiliate links are legit or not? The answer lies in the source. The first thing to check is the source from where you’re getting this referral link.

Let’s consider you’ve Amazon account and using the Amazon affiliate program, yeah it’ll be legit but using a 3rd party website that is just using a get-rich strategy is not a safe option, to begin with.

So always check the source or you might also wanna check reviews online, trustpilot is another famous site to check reviews before investing in an unknown business.

For now, you might get an idea of how the affiliate program works, now Let’s check whether the Louis Vuitton affiliate program is legit.

Is the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program Legit?: Official Statement By LV

Lous Vuitton doesn’t have any official referral earning scheme. Those who claim you can earn through the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program are fake. Admitab and algo-affiliate are top-ranking scam sites in this case. So, beware of scammers and check thoroughly before getting involved in such a scam.

Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program Scam Sites:

LV does not have any official commission-based earning scheme while many out there might claim to be the go-to source for commission-based earning through Louis. Some of these scam sites  are the following: 

  • AmalinksPro
  • Quick Creator 
  • Odi Products
  • Affiliateoffers360

These websites might trick you into signing up and possibly paying a lump sum of the amount to get into the affiliate program. One can simply get caught in such fraudulent activity but this has everything covered for you to save you from such scams.

What do these scam sites have in common?

  • Link redirection to Amazon Buyers
  • Malware Links
  • Link redirection chain 
  • Waiting time for the link to appear
  • Multiple click buttons
  • Lengthy domain URL 
  • Not official website
  • No or misleading terms/conditions

Save yourself from Scam like Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program Scams

Scammers sometimes can be tricky and some users might become victims due to a lack of knowledge and need a source to earn money fast, but here we’ve precautions for you.

Check the Website’s URL & Authenticity:

website url

Checking Wesbite’s legitimacy is the first option to go through when visiting the link. You might want to visit other pages on the website including the privacy policy and about section and cross-check the social media links.

Trustpilot is another website to check brand reviews to get the full picture of the company’s reputation

Avoid Unbelieveable High Commission Rate:

high commission rate scam banner

An unbelievably high commission rate might be another trick to scam you. But beware of getting greedy because it can result in bad. These scam sites and advertisements promise you to make unrealistic money in hours and no such things are real at all.

Double Check Terms & Conditions:

terms  and conditions page

A legitimate company has proper terms & conditions when signing up. Terms and conditions that are beneficial to the company are also beneficial to customers as well as binding a contract with customers to ensure safety and privacy.

Check if the site has a clear terms & privacy policy page and also check if it is taken from the internet and just copy paste is used.

Avoid Paying Up Front to Scam Sites:

credit card information on webpage

Such Scammers might make you pay upfront in the signup section and ask you to enter personal details/ account details. Don’t make it unless you’re sure it’s legit. Check Trustpilot reviews and everything. Mostly legitimate affiliate programs won’t ask you to pay upfront.

Other Affiliate programs
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FarFetch Affiliate Program

The Bottom Line

While earning a 30% commission from Louis Vuitton directly might not be possible, there are still opportunities out there. Just keep exploring and you might find your way to earning through affiliation with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton.

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Last modified: March 25, 2024