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Is Cartoon Network Shutting Down – Fact Check

Is cartoon network shutting down

Sadly, this building will no longer be CNS. From what I’ve been told, everyone will be out by August 1. All moving together in a WB building as one animation unit. Farewell CNS as it was.

Said by Brian A Miler in a tweet on his official account with two photos of the Cartoon Network (CN) building. 

After this tweet, the news spread like fire in the woods, and people started asking “is cartoon network shutting down?” Well, the complete details are not available yet but all the information which is proven will be available in this article to you. 

So without wasting any time, let’s check the reality of this tweet. 

Cartoon Network:

Who doesn’t know about Cartoon Network? We have following this channel since our childhood and I am pretty sure that you also love this channel because we have spent our childhood watching our favorite cartoons on this channel.  

So, it is not so shocking that the question is becoming one of the trending topics on Twitter and various social media platforms and people want to know if the cartoon network shutting down. 

Childhood memories are the best memories. Even if your memories are linked with cartoons or even stupid things but when you remind those acts and memories, you love that scene or moment.

That’s why people are so sad about the shutdown of CN. But is this news really true?

Is cartoon network shutting down?

This news was also spread in Oct 2022 when the studio was going to turn 30. The fans were sad and then Cartoon Network tweeted on the official account:

“Y’all we’re not dead, we’re just turning 30 😂

To our fans: We’re not going anywhere. We have been and will always be your home for beloved, innovative cartoons ⬛️⬜️ More to come soon!”

It is important to check facts during current times when people spread fake news or rumors about a particular topic. It can have many negative impacts. 

So, is cartoon network shutting down? Well, the good news is that the company has not made any official statement about the shutdown or any merger of Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. 

The general manager of Cartoon Network, Brain A Miller, has tweeted on his account that the channel is going to merge with Warner Bros and the official building will not be Cartoon Network more. 

The companies have merged and Warner Bros has acquired the CN channel. Currently, the CN has not made any official comment about the statement. Maybe it is true or maybe it not going as stated by Miler.

On this tweet, the Power Puffs creator has also shown their sorrows in this tweet. Things are getting serious. 

Even if the company changes its building and started working with Warner Bros, the content will remain intact. 

Warner Bros might create another department for the channel so you won’t miss your beloved cartoon and shows. Warner Bros has not disclosed all the details about the merge 

So, don’t get panic. You will not miss your favorite childhood cartoons. The channel that has been for more than 30 years cannot get shut down like this. 

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Last modified: August 11, 2023