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Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Review 2024 | Everything We Know So Far!

Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most anticipated games of recent years – but for many console players, it wasn’t able to live up to the hype. At the same time, the realistic graphics and awesome gameplay were ground-breaking on high-end systems. We’re constantly asked to review Cyberpunk 2077 Reddit FAQs and review overall gameplay in addition to the effectiveness of the latest patch.

Games like Cyberpunk 2077 have always been on the priority list for many hardcore gamers all around the globe. In this guide, we’ll be reviewing everything about Cyberpunk 2077 so far. So, catch snacks – it’ll be as interesting as informative. 

About this Game:

Cyberpunk 2077 demo for gameplay is featured in the video below.

Cyberpunk 2077 open world environment is featured for the players to explore an action & adventure storyline around Night City which is a megaregion. Mystic body customization with futuristic tools for eternal life and glamour are the main components of this city.

Cyberpunk v is the main player character which can also be changed to a Mercenary Outlaw. Cyberpunk characters are fully customizable, you can manually personalize your player outfit, cyberware, playstyle, and skillset.

Futurist Megaregion:


According to the cyberpunk official, Night City is referred to as “ Night City Changes Every Body “ and that seems to be more positive than it sounds. Night City is a big region where you can do almost anything to keep your immortality level high, the action you choose will map the storyline according to you. It is the same as living in a virtual world.

If we consider in-depth visuals, functionality, and complexity – Cyberpunk Night City is in another class.

Map your story-line:

Choices you make in this game will change the way the story goes, whether here to rule this kingdom or die struggling with your life. A never-ending journey of cyberpunk will give you an immersive gaming experience.

Dealing, Trading, And Raiding:

Do everything you’ve ever wanted to do – journey through these futuristic lands and explore new features. Deal with top mafias and upgrade your armor from these city shops. Use your AI to complete awesome in-town missions and beat the crap out of gangsters. Because there can only be one gangsta in and that should be you. 


Upgradings include all maintenance tools including character firmware adaptation, cyber wars, outfits, and guns. Cyberpunk 2077 character creation has been more superb than most of the AAA games. Implants are available to increase your AI ability and multi-functionality. 

Implants come up in various types including gears to boost gun skills and natural abilities. 

An ultimate journey to seek immortality, A prototype implant which is followed by multiple blood seekers cooperates with the night city to seek the ultimate achievement. They’re ready to kill anyone in their way and can do anything for it. 

So above is all about the introductory data, it’s time to get deeper into this game and explore what other technical elements are embedded.

Cyberpunk 2077 PC Requirements

Cyberpunk officially launched two Requirements plans for Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay.

Cyberpunk 2077 Steam Minimum Requirements:

OSWindows 7/10 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i5 3570k (unlocked) /
AMD Fx-8310
Ram 8 GB
GPUGeforce GTX 780 / AMD RX 470
Direct X12
Storage Required70GB 


OSWindows 10 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i7-4790 \ AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
Ram 12 GB
GPUGeforce GTX 1060/1660 / AMD RX 590
Direct X12
Storage Required70GB (SSD recommended)

Cyberpunk 2077 twitter Disclosed issues:

twitter cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay :

Cyberpunk 2077 is playable in an open-world environment as V ( main character) and a mercenary. This game has enormous visual effects and advanced character creation – Voice, hair, body type and even genitals are customizable in uncensored games. You can easily customize characters depending on your taste from head to toe. Various Cyberware can also be equipped. Reddit cyberpunk 2077 FAQs are also disclosed in cyberpunk leaked gameplay.

State categories are also included in this game which describes the basic features including AI intelligence, reflexes, technical skills, and level of coolness. Various player types are chosen by the players who can have these skills including, NetRunner ( Hacker), Techie (Machine Experts), and Combat expert(solo). Character V must have an appointment with “RipperDoc” to upgrade cyberware implants and purchase them.


In-game Black Markets help you to have military-grade features. Equipment is limited to the character tier level, which can be upgraded and selected by completing missions. V cyberpunk can duck, target the enemy, engage, slide, and even can perform a double jump. In the close combat style, you can also use knives to kill your enemies. A total of 3 weapons are set up.

Cyberpunk Weapons:

Cyberpunk 2077 weapons are set up in 3 categories:

Power Weapon: It is the standard weaponry used by v.

Tech Weapon: Tech weapons are used to break walls and highly penetrate enemies.

Smart Weapon: Homing bullets are installed in the smart weapon.

Ranged weapons are used for ricochet bullets ( ricochet bullets are the fragments and bullets deflected ). The bullet time can be slowed down using ranged weapons. Ranged cyberpunk gun is available in many variants:

Assault RiflesHammers
Heavy Machine GunsKatanas
Light Machine GunsKnives
PistolsLong Blades
Precision RiflesOne-Handed Clubs
Sniper Rifles
Submachine Guns

This weaponry can be equipped by v and ultimately used effectively. Using weapons continuously will increase weapons’ accuracy and reduce reloading times. These are the achievements, players can unlock by playing the game and completing top missions.

All the weaponry is also upgradable to a certain limit. To upgrade weapons you have to go to the gunsmith so to have the perfect implants for your weapon and make it more effective. A gunsmith can also be used for repairing items.

Weapons Rarity Table:

Weapons are rare to some certain limit depending on the tier of your current player. Legendary weapons are hard to equip while common is available for everyone. You can play missions and unlock more weaponry lists.


Another awesome thing about Cyberpunk 2077 v is that it can deal high damage. Official Cyber-punk review shows that it can deal damage of 4 types:

  1. Physical 
  2. Thermal 
  3. Electromagnetic Pulse Damage ( EMP)
  4. Chemical Reactions

(Note: The game is set in a way that you can complete it without killing and using harmless items and cyberwar)

Cyberpunk Vehicles:

Cyberpunk cars are severalawesome and techie. There is a total of 12 cyberpunk manufacturers and 2 manufacturers from the real world for the cars inside the game. There are several different vehicles available in this game ranging from low prices to incredibly high prices.

But it is worth it to invest in something awesome. During the in-game missions, you’ll earn and will be able to unlock premium vehicles. Cyberpunk first-person experiences also make the racing experience astonishing when played on a higher resolution. Cyberpunk 2077 third person is also made possible throughout various mods.

Owned vehicles can anytime be summoned by the v almost everywhere in the game. This unique ability comes from the AI implanted in the character. In case of damage to the vehicle, V can request a vehicle repair which will be automatically done but a charging amount is applied by the insurance corporation.

Some premium vehicles like “Yaiba Kusanagi “Mizuchi” can’t be equipped easily as it is a changed version. It can also be equipped by using various MODs but in-real it was only designed for the Tyger Claws.

Mizuchi is not available in the store or for buying but a simpler version of it is available free for the players. Initially, it was referred that this could be the main vehicle for the v but later on, this agreement was cut down. But using various mods and scripts this amazing bike can be taken.

Cyberpunk 2077 Data Shards:

Data shards are the data dictionary in cyberpunk which contains the technical information adding audios, videos, images, schemas, and braindance algorithms. Data shards are available in many missions and are required to complete the missions. Some of these include extensive information and some have embedded textual information to guide the players.

Cyberspace is the cyberpunk universe containing the data shards data to optimize the gameplay and to extend the cyber-story line. After picking the data-shards you can store them in your game and can read it anytime. This guides the players on what to do next. And complete the catalogs.

These Data Shards include:

Encrypted FilesCyberpsychoWorldTechnologyPeople of Night CityLeafletsLiteratureArticlesOther

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware:

Cyberware is the technology implanted in human beings to help in the achievement of a “cyborgenic” look. Not only will it add a robotic style but also be capable of increasing human skills. These cyberwares will ultimately help the v to perform various skills and in dealing damages.

Not only do these provide a portion of functionality and for practical functions. Cyberware is also being used by the characters for tattoos and jewelry. Tech skills can be equipped using various cyberwar and also can be used as enchantments.

Cyberpunk 2077 v can install various types of cyberware to enhance abilities, look, and utilization skills. Ripperdoc is the medical assistant center where v can visit and exchange, buy and upgrade cyberwares. Various cybernetics can be implemented in cyborgs. Some of the pieces of equipment can be installed legally and for some higher price – Military-tire tools can also be embedded in the characters.

Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware can be distinguished into 3 types:

  1. Active – Active cyberwares can be extracted directly by the players and are distinguished from various weaponry.
  2. Triggered – Triggered tools are installed and activated as various frameworks are installed.
  3. Passive – When the cyberware is installed in the v and starts performing the work and runs seamlessly even in the background.Cyberpunk 2077 Character creation.

Cyberwares installed in the body Slots:

Frontal Cortex 3
Ocular System1
Circulatory System3
Immune System 2
Nervous System 2
Integumentary System 3
Operating System 1
Skeleton 2
Hands 1

Cyberpunk 2077 NightCity:

The open-world city Night City, California, comprises six locales the corporate City Center, worker possessed Watson, extravagant Westbrook, rural Heywood, group swarmed Pacifica, and mechanical Santo Domingo. Its encompassing region, the Badlands, can likewise be investigated. V explores these areas by walking and in vehicles, which are dependent upon either a third-or first-individual view. Cyberpunk 2077 map size is very huge even it’s only one megaregion. You can consume all of your time visiting this megacity.

Pedestrians are helpless against vehicular collisions Depending on the area, law implementation might be alarmed if V perpetrates a crime. Radio stations are accessible to listen to. The entire day-night cycle and dynamic climate influence how non-player characters behave. V claims a loft and a garage. Night City highlights non-English-talking characters, whose dialects can be deciphered with exceptional implants.

The latest update based on new technology and clean code as the generations increase and with chat gpt and other like amazons gpt-55x this game also required something to facsinate audience.

“Braindance” is a gadget that permits V to go through others’ experiences. Branching exchanges empower cooperation with NPCs and activities in quests. Experience focuses are gotten from principle journeys and fuel the details; side missions yield “road cred”, opening abilities, sellers, places, and extra quests. Quests are procured from characters known as Fixers.

 Throughout the game, V is supported by different companions. Consumables, like sodas, are utilized for recuperating, and articles can be investigated in V’s inventory. Minigames incorporate hacking, boxing, auto racing, combative techniques, and shooting ranges. Player in-game decisions prompt distinctive endings.

Cyberpunk 2077 Character Creation

There are lots of attributes that are fully customizable including the main 3 attributes: lifepaths, appearance, and attributes, etc. Players all around the world are competing to make the most perfect V and showcasing it on various platforms like Reddit. You can use a cyberpunk name generator to set up a unique name for your character before beginning the quest.

Cyberpunk is one of the few games that have this much extensive character customization package. You can customize skin type, hairstyle, eyes, mouths, ears, tattoos, piercings, makeup, nipples, genitals, and cyberwares. For the customization factors, cyberpunk 2077 nudity is also rated 17+ to let the children not interact with these things.

Let’s see how to customize your first Cyberpunk V : 

Select Your Character:

Note that make sure you choose the character you want to customize for, some of the customization features are limited to only the first time like the tattoos.

Body type and appearance will directly affect your character behavior in the gameplay and also romance level.

After choosing, select next.

Set Cyberpunk V’s Appearance :

Follow the on-screen procedure and set your V’s appearance, Chosen combination between voices and body type will directly determine the romance level of your character. Adjust the layer of voice tone and Masculine. A more masculine nature will show your character’s masculinity. Some requirements to it havedestroysberpunk clothing is done after the character is styled.

Skin tone and type are also adjustable according to the user’s requirements. After setting these features select the hairstyle and color for the hairstyle. There are a bunch of styles you can extract that is most suitable for you. 

Scroll down the control panel to select more options. Ultimately adjust all of the options for your character as it is a one-time job and later on it will reflect your personality in-game. 

There are numerous customization packages for cyberpunk characters, Check all of the beard styles, beard, eyes, ears, you can even turn on and off the Cyberware for your character to make the perfect playable character. 

Just follow the on-screen options and have your character made in no time using this guide.

Many people are asking how to customize genitals in cyberpunk, to do this you have to.

As this game is rated 18+, so you can customize the cyberpunk 2077 nude players to adjust penis size, vagina options, and pubic hair, etc. 

Two Methods to fix it :

Update your game: You may not be on the latest patch of cyberpunk, as for earlier patches these options weren’t added.

Change the game settings: If you go to the game settings, you will see a censored option turn this off, and then options will appear in your game. You can also turn off the blur in the settings to make it more visible.

Cyberpunk clothes are also available so you can choose the best-suited player. Many clothes shop in the city can be visited and appearance based on your favoritism can then be manipulated on your own choice. You can do everything with this game and then showcase your player.

Cyberpunk 2077 Endings:

Cyberpunk has many variations of endings, a total of 4 endings, one path of least resistance, and a secret ending. So to how to unlock multiple variations of endings? – here’s everything you need to know about it.

The default – Hanako Arasaka’s ending is available whenever you complete all missions. To unlock more secret endings, there are some requirements to it that have to be completed for the unlocking. These endings will unlock more achievements and cyberpunk 2077 best endings.

Cyberpunk Endings:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/48-AY6Wz-7A” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

  1. The Devil – Cyberpunk 2077 Ending:

The devil is named the first ending of the cyberpunk 2077 which is all about avenging the death of Saburo Arasaka. Takemura needs help to avenge the death of Saburo Alaska. 


Takemura saving is optional in the Search and destroy mission. But if you don’t save him – you will not be able to get The Devil ending in cyberpunk. Then ask Hanako to help in the mission. Take out the pills which are referred to as Omega-Blockers. You have to finish the quest “where is my mind?” to achieve the batch for this ending. Last but not least chose the contract whether to sign or not. In the sign case ( it will be referred to live ) and for the unsigned contract you are chosen to go back to the home planet.

  1. The Sun – Cyberpunk 2077 Ending:

A legendary achievement – also referred to as “ Become the legend of the afterlife”. The quest needed for this ending is “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “Path of Glory”,” Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and“Changes”.


To obtain “The Sun Ending”, you need to complete the “Rogue’s Blistering Love” job. Then to unlock this side job a correct dialogue must be chosen under the johnny conversation. This is during the “Chippin’ In “ section.

Rogue must be asked for help then pseudoendotrizine pills must be taken after that Select johnny as the main character to cross the bridge over the Mikoshi. “ Path of glory” is the last line to finish to get “The Sun” achievement.

  1. The Star – Cyberpunk 2077 Ending:

The star achievement can be equipped by driving out of the night city with the aldecaldos. As it is the main details for the star achievement.


First of all, complete the Queen of the highway job to get started in this ending. Then chose the Panam help as it is the requirement to help you in-game after that take the omega-blockers pills with you. Don’t get out the Mikoshi, while staying inside return to the V’s body while entering the well as cyberpunk V.

  1. Temperance – Cyberpunk 2077 Ending:

An advanced cyberpunk 2077 ending is to let Johnny Silverhand keep his body. To do this check out the requirements section.


There are two options, whether to finish the Panam’s side quest or take the Rogue’s path. Then ask for the Panam/Rogue’s help to take out the remaining task. While staying inside the Mikoshi, use the V to cross the bridge ( You can also enter the well as johnny to get johnny’s body). New dawn Fades must get finished to unlock Temperance ending.

  1. Path of least resistance – Cyberpunk 2077 Ending:

The quick path also referred to as “ the easy way out” is to let the V commit suicide. Once the V gave up his life – the path of least resistance can be unlocked then.


While staying on the Misty’s rooftop, select the dialogue box – and there will be the conversation started from it. Select “Could also just put all this to rest”, then the V and Johnny conversation will be started with the ending of acceptance choice for both of them. 

Scenes will dramatically shift to the main night city view and V pulls the trigger. 

It is surely a sad and heartbroken ending.

  1. Secret Ending – Cyberpunk 2077 Ending:

Cyberpunk 2077 secret ending is an alternative ending to the sun ending and when johnny storms thetower of Arasaka all by himself alone.

It is just dramatic as well as interesting and hard to achieve. But following this guide, it’ll be a piece of cake.


At the end of the Chippin’ In conversation, you’ve to choose the specific dialogues. These are :

“Nah, fucked that up too.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Ok. But as second chances go, this is your last.”

Johnny will get 40% of the affinity. It doesn’t matter if you will get the higher affinity level by doing other quests. Only choose the above dialogues to unlock the cyberpunk secret ending. 

Nocturne (Op55N1) has to be selected and then on Misty’s rooftop, you’ll be given the choice whether to take the help of Hanako or Rogue. If you don’t proceed with any option – roughly at after around 5 minutes – one more option will be offered to V. Suicide run will begin and V/ Johnny must take down all the enemies on his alone. 

Dying will trigger the credits and all players will think if the V committed suicide while the successful killing all the enemies will launch the ( Sun or Temperance ending based on the body ).

Major Cyberpunk 2077 Characters:

This game has various versions of characters including V, Adam Smasher and One of the most favorable and most-rated characters of all time is cyberpunk 2077 johnny silver hand ( Based on Top celebrity Keanu Reeves).

These characters have various cyberware implanted and abilities specific to the player. We have listed all of the top characters of cyberpunk below.

Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet:
Adam SmasherAnders Hellman
Alt CunninghamDexter DeShawn
Johnny SilverhandKerry Eurodyne
Judy AlvarezMisty Olszewski
VPanam Palmer
Goro TakemuraRiver Ward
Hanako ArasakaRogue Amendiares
Jackie WellesSaburo Arasaka
Saul BrightViktor Vektor
Yorinobu ArasakaEvelyn Parker

Top Cyberpunk Characters Review:

Cyberpunk 2077  Adam Smasher:

96% made of cybernetics implants, Adam Smasher is a unique cyberpunk character. With this much use of cyberware, Adam smasher now left only a little human and more of a machine. Arasaka’s appointed adam to clean up all of his dirty work but the smasher likes to do it in how own way.

He is the one who unbelievably kills the cyberpunk johnny Silverhand when the attack happened on Arasaka’s tower. Smasher is famous for cleaning up all of his work and never leave any of his work undone. So, in this case, if johnny will come back – he will be always there to kill him again and again. He is appointed the head of security and working as the personal bodyguard of Yorinobu Arasaka.

RoleHead of Security, Yorinobu’s Bodyguard
Death Place / Date2077- Arasaka Tower
HomeNight City
EquipmentCannon, Machine gun, Missiles Launcher

Cyberpunk 2077  Alt Cunningham:

One of the best netrunner of all time is alt cunningham. She is the one who actually created soul killer later than it was stolen by Arasaka. Alt then was forced to lose his consciousness and was made more of the AI than a human.

She is the only person capable of keeping Johnny at his place. Later on, she was rescued by v and johnny in the game.

RoleTop Netrunner
StatusActive as Engram
Death Place / DateApril 16, 2013- Arasaka Tower
HomeNight City/ Net
EquipmentCyber arm,armor Jacket,Knife(mono),x 22 pistols

Cyberpunk 2077 JohnnySilverhand:

One of the most famous and top-rated characters of all time is cyberpunk johnnysilverhand. This character was also mostly used for advertisement purposes and was made on the structure of famous celebrity “Keanu reeves”.

But Cyberpunk Keanu reeves is different and has a cybernetic arm in the game. An in-game rebel whose blood is more expensive than the money in the game, everyone is out there to kill him but maintaining a heroic look he’s always there to do an amazing act as a legendary rocker boy. Silverhand was killed in an attack at Arasaka Tower by the Smasher. But as you know “ Legends never dies”, he was kept alive in cyberspace at the laboratory – it’s really like a digital prison for johnny until he was uploaded to the mind of V.

StatusActive as Engram 
Death Place / Date2077- Arasaka Orbital Station
HomeNight City
Equipment3516 Malorian Arm Set / Shotgun(WCAA)

Cyberpunk 2077 V:

The main player of the series is the v cyberpunk. You might be thinking what’s V, officially it is referred to as Valerie and Vincent ( male /female default game character). V is the customizable character whose color, body appearance, and cyberware can be manually customized by the user.

Users can play with this character and ultimately unlock new in-game features. These include new vehicles, weaponry, missions, characters, and places. 

The storyline of V 2077 is across the night city, where he has an apartment around Mega Building H10 and doing his mercenary job can earn street credits to buy new tools and things.

Death Place / Date2077- Arasaka Tower/Watson (dependent)
HomeNight City

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Alvarez:

A cyberpunk romance character and the partner of V ( also referred to as cyberpunk 2077 female v). She is one of the most famous characters of cyberpunk because of her charming look. She is an expert techie and has enhanced braindance skills, if Judy wants she can make anything and can get hired from any corporation. But due to her free will, she never gave anyone the chance to misuse her.

The cyberpunk female/ cyberpunk girl list has the most famous name of Judy which is the amazing cyberpunk art for the players. Injustice is something, she can’t resist. That’s the thing that always gets her caught but she never stops herself to not be silent when there is injustice around. Judy is always there to break the rules and teach the lesson to the injustice maker around her.

BirthPlaceLaguna Bend
Death Place / DateN/A
HomeNight City

For now, this guide has featured top of the cyberpunk characters and their bio. One more cyberpunk Reddit faq that is most asked is the development of this game. How long it took to release this game and how many pre-releases were done – Here’s everything we know!

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Cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper

Disclaimer: These cyberpunk 2077 poster /Cyberpunk wallpapers were taken from cyberpunk.net and are free to use only on the official site. We have no rights to these images and these are only for showcase the game on this blogpost.

Top Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpapers:

Cyberpunk background/wallpapersAll are featured below.

Cyberpunk city Wallpaper:

Cyberpunk 2077 classes

Cyberpunk aesthetic Wallpaper

You can find more cyberpunk wallpaper and cyberpunk concept art at the official site. All of the Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots are the wallpapers in his class.

Final Words:

In this cyberpunk 2077 guide, we’ve featured almost everything from cyberpunk character customization, storyline, endings, development, and rest so far we know about this game. Read this guide, or jump to the specific table of content points to get the only relevant answer to your query.

Also, tell us which is the best cyberpunk ending of all time and any other suggestion for this game. You can also showcase your Cyberpunk fashion which you did on your V’s character by following this guide.

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